Broken wooden table leg

Broken table leg

The other day I was moving my table by myself and I broke one of the legs! I should have taken some weight off the table before attempting to move it but I didn’t and now I’m stuck with a tripod of a table that isn’t very useful. Here’s what I did to fix it.

This table has wooden legs attached to the table top by two screws that are threaded into a threaded tube

tube holes on the wooden leg
Threaded tube
Broken pieces of wood

As you can see the damage isn’t too bad but the table can’t be used unless I fix it. When I dragged the table, the bolts that go into the threaded tubes pulled the threaded tubes through the leg because it got hung up on a bump on the floor. The weight on the table didn’t help either.

Here is what I did to fix it.

I put the wood pieces back together like puzzle pieces and threaded the tube back in.

Puzzle pieces
Tube in pieces

I used a vice grip to hold the two pieces of wood together while I screwed the tube back in by hand. You can use tape or string to hold the wood together if you don’t have vice grips.

Saw to tube

Next, I took a hacksaw and cut a small notch in the tube to create a slot for a screwdriver

small notch

The notch doesn’t have to be too deep. Just enough for you to get a good grip on the tube with a screwdriver. There are two tubes I had to do this to so I just repeated the process.

Tube going back in

Next, I took the tube and screwed it back into the leg. The screwdriver in the picture was a little too small and I actually had to find a wider screwdriver. If you use a screwdriver too narrow, the screwdriver will damage the inside threads of the tube (ask me how I know.) Be sure to use a screwdriver that reaches across both notches of the tube to ensure you don’t have issues screwing in your bolt.

Tube one in
Tube two

I wanted to screw the tubes in pretty far back to avoid having the same thing happening again.

After I got the tubes screwed in, I put the two pieces of wood back on the leg and used some glue to hold it all together.

Rebuilding the leg
Adding glue
Jonathan Villarin
Putting it all together

I actually left the leg under the table to support it while I was working on putting the tubes back in it. Here you can see me working putting the two pieces that broke off back on after applying the glue.

zip tie

Here you can see I placed a zip tie to hold it all together while I screwed the leg back to the table.

Bolts back in

And that’s it! Bolts back in and the table can be used again.

This little tip not only works on tubes but on stripped bolts, all-thread, and even stripped screws. Look out for future posts showing examples that.

If you’re interested in the tools and products used during this project, check out the links below. Also, check out my other post¬†Best tools every tool kit should have. I go over which tools I think all toolkits should have.

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