How to reverse your fridge door

Have you ever open your refrigerator door and wish it opened the other way? Well, you’re in luck! Reversing your fridge door is actually pretty easy and doesn’t take long to do. I think the whole process for me took less than thirty minutes. Let’s jump right in and get started so you can reverse your fridge door. Continue reading “How to reverse your fridge door”

How to reset a tripped breaker and save money

Want to save $100 on a quick and easy fix? Everyone runs into this at one point or another. They come home and the lights or outlets aren’t working in a room. You could have sworn they were working before you left. Before you grab your phone and call an electrician out, you should check if you have a tripped breaker. Continue reading “How to reset a tripped breaker and save money”

Broken wooden table leg

The other day I was moving my table by myself and I broke one of the legs! I should have taken some weight off the table before attempting to move it but I didn’t and now I’m stuck with a tripod of a table that isn’t very useful. Here’s what I did to fix it. Continue reading “Broken wooden table leg”

Barrel Lock problems?

Recently I ran into a problem involving a barrel lock. I work shift work and one day on a cold winter evening I came home to find my heater stopped working. With a low temperature expected to be just above freezing that night, I needed to figure out why my heat wasn’t working and fast. Continue reading “Barrel Lock problems?”