Do you think a raise will help you get out of financial trouble? Well sorry to disappoint you but a raise won’t help. If you can’t manage your money now, no matter how much you make, you’ll never be able to avoid the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.


Don't worry! You came to the perfect place!

I created Omni-Practical to help people think outside of the box (as cliche as that is) and become more practical in all aspects of life. Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how do they do it? How can they afford that? Or, how can they afford to do that? Why do they make it look so easy?

If you think “They’re just lucky”, “They couldn’t do that without ___________”, “They must have inherited some money or won the lottery.”, or “They probably have a good paying job.” Whatever reason you make for them, you also end that thought with “I wish I could do that.”, or “I want a job like theirs.”

Well you can.